Murky Beats by UGI is the second solo ep Erik created in his self built studio.

UGI is intuitive layering and manipulating sounds, sampling, looping, freaking with all kinds of instruments and effects without a premeditated plan.
The Murky beats EP was created in solitude and reflects on the dark times we are in.
With these tracks UGI pays an homage to old skool hiphop and the noble art of sampling.

written en recorded by Erik Harbers at Cave Sound Studio, Nijmegen NL
mixed by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt @ Galloway Recording Studio, Nijmegen NL
mastered by Pieter Kloos at The Void Studio, Eindhoven NL
artwork by Brix Media

Murky Beats was released april 8th 2022 by Wic Recordings

Murky Beats will also be available as a limited edition audio cassette.