is a collection of songs, records, videos and assortment of my work and fun collaborations I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in.
I studied bass and graduated at the Fontys Rock Academie in Tilburg.
I am a musician, bass player, producer, father of two, vinyl record collector, music teacher and hot sauce lover.



A new chapter in my musical career started spring 2019 with the release of my first solo EP called ‘The Headspace EP’.
I’ve been messing around with all kinds of instruments, samples and sounds and here you can listen to some of the finished tracks.
Under the banner of UGI I released a remix for Katana Zero

My goal is to make music for documentary and films someday, so do get in touch if you have a cool project you’re working on that needs a soundtrack.



What is Headspace?
For me headspace means setting the conditions right for releasing creativity.
Being creative is about letting ideas grow and to give an idea the time it needs to evolve. Headspace is the efforts and journey taken to allow freedom of play to flourish. Converting our wooden garden shed into a music studio was headspace.
Headspace is a big part in my teaching and coaching. I encourage my students to create or find healthy environments in which to play, discover, think, train, collaborate, fail and succeed.

Building this website is headspace. I wanted to create an online platform where my ideas could be seen and a place to showcase my work and find new collaborators.
It’s an evolving process and I currently have examples of some quirky low res videos including A cassette washing machine boombox, my experiments with sounds and instruments and some links to Spotify, Bandcamp and Youtube

Thank you for visiting my website, my aim is to showcase, inspire and collaborate. So do get in touch.

Erik Harbers